1-2-1 Coaching & Education

Cristina Fazzone, 1-2-1 Coaching and Education (Creative Mindset Coach)

What is Creative Mindset Coaching and why do I need it?

Creative mindset coaching is a whole new world to some people.
The truth is that confidence and success without fear, is a mindset. And that can be a little scary. That’s why coaching sessions are the perfect way to start unleashing your fears, and start taking back your power of what you achieve.
I guide you through development techniques on your journey to becoming a more confident, aligned, creative you.
These 1-2-1 coaching sessions are usually carried out virtually (if you are a salon team we can arrange an in salon session).

What if I need help with a skill in the colour craft?

Sometimes, to become fully confident in a skill and have your own creative light bulb moment, you need bespoke attention or guidance from a specialist in the colour field.

I know this first hand because 1-2-1 colour training was what got me from ‘I will never understand hair colour’ to becoming a Wella Colour Expert and colour specialist.
1-2-1 training for in depth colour topics are available too.