3 mistakes you’re making, that are getting in the way of your colour success!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards true confidence in your hair colour craft by investing time to figure out the 3 mistakes you might be making. I hope you enjoy my 5 part mini masterclass.
You’ve gained exclusive access to this, how lucky are you Homie?!

Part One – Why you need to unlearn certain behaviours and where you should start.

Do you relate to some of these classic emotions of a hairdresser?

Part Two – Understanding why more skills won’t give you long term confidence.

The first of the 3 mistakes you’re making. What language do you use when you think about your skill? Have you even mastered the latest new skill you learnt? What is your creative identity, do you even know how to create one?

Part Three – What kind of mindset do you have?

Have you ever been taught how to ‘use’ your mindset to your full benefit? No me neither! But it CAN be done. Do you feel like startegies you’re implementing aren’t making a long lasting difference, for example in your pricing? Money mindset is a huge mindset hurdle hair colourists NEED to get over.

Part Four – Measuring your success against others in the industry is futile and limiting.

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others? Are you feeling uninspired or like you have ‘information overload’ right now? STOP. Create your vision to align your path.

Part Five – How you can start this transformation, make it a habit, reach your full potential and unleash your creative genius!

Are you ready to unleash your full potential using your mindset? The difference between what you’re feeling now and where you want to be in your craft… is your mindset.

PSSSSST… I’ll be offering a free live masterclass where I’ll be talking in much more detail about all of the above AND I’ll be explaining how you can feel truly confident in your skills, even if you think you don’t know enough! I’ll also be offering a magic strategy to how you can instantly clear brain fog during a colour service. Keep this date free…

Sunday 27th February 11am-12pm UK Time

I’ll make sure you’re informed with the attending details soon.

Cristina Fazzone The Confident Colourist

In one year I achieved everything on my long term career goals, just by developing a growth mindset.
I’ve been in the industry for 10 years and I know the effects of doubting your own potential and subconsciously limiting your creativity.
So I went on a journey to fix this for myself!
The Confident Colourist is a 6 week curated journey that now helps individual colourists like yourself, go through a transformation. Helping to boost confidence and fall in love with hair colour science again, develop a long lasting growth mindset and manifest your ideal hair colour career.

Thank you for breaking through the tech gateways and landing yourself on my mini masterclass. I’m grateful you took the time to watch it and I hope you found it empowering.
Why not begin to action the key tasks mentioned in the video to kickstart your confidence now?
Use your positive language, develop your latest new skill, and create your career vision.
The mini masterclass link is in your email inbox for good too so you can watch back any time you need a jump start. You’re welcome!

Cristina’s Confident colourist course has been a breath of fresh air! Not only does she share her amazing colour knowledge in a simplified and easy to follow way, she also uses mindfulness techniques and exercises enabling you to become more aware of how you think about yourself and your ability, which in turn helps to consciously create a happier more confident you. Thank you Cristina it’s been amazing and truly inspirational. The world needs this
– Natasha G