You go through life as a hair colourist without knowing or ever being taught how to use the greatest tool in your kit box, that tool is your mind. Until you master your mindset and confidence, learning new colour skills is just like holding a bucket under a leak. It might help temporarily but eventually you’ll need to address the root of the problem. Do you want to stop fearing your colour services, feel more assured in your skill and ultimately create your dream colour career? Enrolment on The Confident Colourist is available until December 23rd and course begins January 3rd.

This is totally personalised one-to-one hair colour education based on what you need. This hourly education can be carried out practically or virtually for theory based education. For more details or to discuss your session, contact me here.

After participating in any education with me and becoming a student (or Hair Homie) you will gain ‘Life Time Mentorship.’ This means you gain full access to my private ‘student only’ Facebook group along with my ongoing support and advice.