Adopting the right mindset as a colourist is a crucial part of our role, and is something that is heavily overlooked. Do you think that booking on the latest colour course will make you a better colourist? Well there might be some truth in that… but pshycoligically new skills will only allow you to stay at the confidence level you are already at! What good is skill, talent and knowledge, without the confidence to apply it?

There’s some sh*t hot stuff COMING SOON!

Do you want to go from being a capable colourist, to a CONFIDENT colourist?

Knowledge and confidence go hand in hand. And that’s what you’ll gain from The Confident Colourist Course. 6 weeks+ of modules to map out your way of becoming the most confident colourist you can be and mastering your colour craft! More details coming soon!


This is totally personalised one-to-one hair colour education based on what you need. This hourly education can be carried out practically or virtually for theory based education.

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After participating in any education with me and becoming a student (or Hair Homie) you will gain ‘Life Time Mentorship.’ This means you gain full access to my private ‘student only’ Facebook group along with my ongoing support and advice.


Hit the contact button below for more details. We’ll speak together and establish the areas you’d like to work on. I look forward to starting an education journey with you!
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