Are you ready to break free from your own limitations, and really Master Your Mind?

A 3 week one-to-one coaching course.

Here’s what you’re risking if you don’t fill this fundamental gap in your learning as a creative person…

– Continuous imposter syndrome
– Losing out on opportunities due to fear!
– More days of self comparison
– Loss of creative identity
– Your brain will continue to be the bully
– Loss of individualism
– And you’ll miss out on the alignment and answers in your personal life.

“Cristina uses mindfulness techniques enabling you to become more aware of how you think of yourself and your ability, which in turn helps to consciously create a happier more confident you at work.” – Natasha G

Master Your Mind guides you through 3 weeks of fundamental lessons we don’t usually get taught, so that you can really understand how to create new ways of thinking!

– It starts with crucial UNlearning
– Creative anxiety
– Imposter syndrome
– How we learn and why
– Information overload
– The fear!
– Self Comparison
– Comfort Zones
– Creative identity
– Visualising goals
– How to not let the brain be the bully
– Along with a little bit of tough love!

Now I can switch my negative thoughts off and give myself a lift up when needed. Cristina made me feel so at ease in our 1-1 sessions. I can honestly say it’s awakened something inside me…from understanding the scientific side of the brain…to gaining more confidence and actually implementing my skills! Such a great course and loved working with Cristina too.” 
– Nicola P

Want to know more or chat to me before you enrol? Sure!

If after 3 weeks you do not feel you have been guided thoroughly through the unlearn, adapt and manifest process, I guarantee you a full refund. All I ask is that you complete all the lessons, 3 coaching calls and one final assessment call before you make this decision.