Are you ready to let go of that creative anxiety or panic you feel every time you create a piece of hair art?
Are you ready to reach your full creative potential and stop doubting yourself?

Master Your Mind Cristina Fazzone

This 3 week course will guide and coach you through unlearning old behaviours you’ve adopted towards your skill and create new ones. So that you can begin mastering your mindset for the success of your creative career and reach your full potential, without the self doubt.


So as a natural creative, you’re likely to occasionally feel some self comparison, doubting your knowledge and ability, thinking you’re not good enough to achieve your creative goals, or that good old friend of ours… imposter syndrome!
But you think the only way to overcome all this is to build on your knowledge and practical ability in the hairdressing craft, i.e. go on more courses!
This is not true.
No amount of knowledge or skill will ‘fix’ or stop you from feeling these natural emotions of an artist long term, the only way to do this is to understand and master your creative mindset. So that you can feel long term confidence and no longer doubt yourself.

I’m Cristina! Wella Professionals Master Colour Expert, Educator and Trend Vision finalist and guess what…I know how you’re feeling!

I was sick of experiencing what we all feel; that dread, anxiety, self doubt and apprehension behind the scenes of the job. I dug deep to find why this happens and I was shocked to find out, it all starts in the mindset. I went on a journey to research this and find a way to overcome it, I subsequently ended up elevating my hair colour skills and career.

Cristina Fazzone - creative mindset coach
Master Your Mind Cristina Fazzone quote

Unlike most courses, Master Your Mind takes a different approach to education for hairdressers. It will help you overcome natural self doubt and creative anxiety, not through more technical hairdressing knowledge, but through in depth work on your mindset. The course will guide you through the power of unlearning mindset autopilots at work, so that you can feel in control and banish away those negative feelings, and start feeling nothing but passion and excitement in your career!

Now I can switch my negative thoughts off and give myself a lift up when needed. Cristina made me feel so at ease and especially when going through the tasks set. I can honestly say it’s awakened something inside me…from understanding the scientific side of the brain…to gaining more confidence and actually implementing my skills! (Master Your Mind) Such a great course and loved working with Cristina too. 
– Nicola P

What will I learn on Master Your Mind?

You’ll be taken through 3 weeks of creative mindset coaching on this course. You’ll discover why you do and feel certain things towards your craft, and coached through how to overcome this. So that you can fall in love with your craft, your career and be ready to take on your biggest challenges and dreams.

At the end of each week you’ll have a 1-to-1 virtual coaching session with me, where I will guide you through your individual experiences and help you apply what you’ve learnt.

Week 1 – You’ll learn all about creative anxiety itself and why it shows up so often! You’ll be empowered to master your behaviour and push through these self limiting beliefs, so that you can break through that pesky imposter syndrome with confidence. You’ll also discover how we learn and this will help you to stop feeling anxious about what you don’t know and put less pressure on yourself, which will allow creativity to flow.

Week 2 – You’ll learn all about the FEAR. What it is, why it holds us back and why we believe it! You’ll understand the downsides to learning too much and discover how to stop comparing yourself to others and the real truth behind creative comfort zones.

Week 3 – In this final week you’ll begin to really use your positive outlook to create your vision and hone in on your OWN creative identity. You’ll be able to pin point the goals you’ve been tricking yourself into believing you’re not good enough to achieve and start looking towards the future of your creative career with positivity.

“Cristina uses mindfulness techniques enabling you to become more aware of how you think of yourself and your ability, which in turn helps to consciously create a happier more confident you at work.“

Natasha G
Master Your Mind Cristina Fazzone