Are you ready to let go of that uncertainty you have in yourself?
Are you ready to achieve your career dreams and give up comparing yourself to others in the industry?

A 3 week one-to-one coaching course, with 30 days access.


As a creative person, you’re likely to occasionally feel some self comparison, doubt in your ability, thinking you’re not good enough to achieve your creative goals, or that good old friend of ours… imposter syndrome!
Right now you think the only way to overcome this is to go on more courses and keep building your skills bank… This is not true.
No amount of knowledge or skill will ‘fix’ or stop you from feeling these natural emotions of an artist long term. The only way to do this is to understand and master your creative mindset. So that you can achieve success no matter what.

Now I can switch my negative thoughts off and give myself a lift up when needed. Cristina made me feel so at ease in our 1-1 sessions. I can honestly say it’s awakened something inside me…from understanding the scientific side of the brain…to gaining more confidence and actually implementing my skills! Such a great course and loved working with Cristina too.” 
– Nicola P

Master Your Mind takes a different approach to education for hairdressers…

The one-to-one coaching course will guide you through the power of unlearning mindset autopilots, so that you can feel in control and banish away those negative feelings at work, and start feeling nothing but passion and excitement in your career again!

The course includes 3 one-to-one coaching sessions.
Date and times for these calls will be scheduled upon your enrolment.

It is a ‘work at your own pace’ course, available for one whole month.

Master Your Mind modules

“Cristina uses mindfulness techniques enabling you to become more aware of how you think of yourself and your ability, which in turn helps to consciously create a happier more confident you at work.“

Natasha G

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