Are you ready to feel REAL confidence in your hair colour craft?

It’s time to unleash the creative genius inside you and stop second guessing your ability.

Do your future self a favour and learn to master a skill you’ve never been taught before, CONFIDENCE.

The Confident Colourist; The 5 week journey to manifesting REAL confidence in your hair colour craft.

Where the science meets the empowerment!

(Packed full of “OMG I wish I knew this before” moments).

Right now, you’re most likely creating beautiful hair colours for your clients everyday… But here’s my question; how do you feel about the work you produce and about the confidence in your career? The truth is, you probably already have most of what you need, besides the right mindset.

I’m Cristina! A freelance colour specialist and educator, Wella Professionals Master Colour Expert, Trend Vision finalist and Education business owner and guess what… I know how you’re feeling!

I ended up achieving my biggest career dreams in as little as just one year, simply by developing my mindset.

I was often experiencing what we all feel; that dread, anxiety, self doubt and apprehension when it comes to creating a new hair colour, or entering a competition or just trying anything outside of the creative comfort zone. I dug deep to find where true confidence lies, and I was shocked.
It didn’t lie where I thought it did – in hair colour techniques and more skills based education. It starts in the mindset. I went on a journey to research this and find a way to overcome it; I subsequently ended up elevating my hair colour skills and career.

Along this journey I figured out one crucial fact… trying to flourish in a hair colour career without understanding how to use your mindset, is like asking for a career full of anxiety.

The Confident Colourist is the only programme in the sector that teaches creative skill and knowledge, as well as guidance through mindset shifts and confidence coaching, so that you can pair the two, and master your craft and self confidence.

Cristina uses mindfulness techniques enabling you to become more aware of how you think of yourself and your ability, which in turn helps to consciously create a happier more confident you at work.

— Natasha G

“This course has made me look at myself within my work and push myself way outside of my own comfort zone…I changed my prices for the first time in 13 years”

– Anna B

Thinking “this isn’t for me” ?

TOO EXPENSIVE – Maybe you don’t prioritise investing in this course because you don’t see how it would fix your trouble areas right now, and thats ok. The way we prioritise where we spend our money is a mindset in itself, and this is the start of where you might be limiting yourself.

DON’T HAVE THE TIME – Worried about completing this course alongside a busy schedule? The tasks in each module are set to complete along side your work life, you need to be working at the same time for this course to be effective.

MINDSET ISN’T THE ISSUE – When was the last time you were taught how to be confident? Whats the point of skills without the confidence to use them and get the best out of them? If you’re questioning mindset being your hurdle right now, then the chances are, it is.

THE COURSE WON’T GIVE ME MORE COLOUR SKILLS – While this course will give you inspiration for new skills and techniques, true creativity or creative identity happens when you aren’t trying to conform or be similar to others, its the easiest way to stop comparing yourselves to others. Learning more skills and going on more practical colour courses might help, but it won’t be long lasting confidence like this will.

In our industry I do find many of us can’t accept when someone says ‘that’s a good job’, as creatives we often Self-sabotage, especially competing against perfect IG pictures. It’s refreshing and mind opening to see education take on a different angle and it’s been so helpful.

— Sam t