My Masterclass – A confident colour craft: How to build true confidence in your skill, even if you think you don’t know enough.

27th February 2022, 11am (UK time), 60 minutes

What will I gain from this masterclass?

– You’ll learn The 3 sins that limit your creative potential and sabotage your confidence. I’ll be showing you the critical mistakes most hairdressers make that limit confidence in the craft, so that you can avoid the sins and achieve your full potential

– I’ll share with you my simple 5 steps to overcome brain fog and panic during a service.

– You’ll start setting dream goals, so that you can see what this simple and underrated task can do for the success and confidence in your skill.

– I’ll guide you through a visualising exercise for you to picture what confidence actually looks like to you, so that you can see what’s really possible and open your eyes to what’s missing. 

– I will prove to you that I’ve been there too. I’ll show you what’s possible if you start to understand that YOU are the master of your craft and you have the power to manifest the things you want from your career.

– You’ll have some major “OMG why didn’t I know this before?” moments!

Who is this masterclass for?

This is for you if you call yourself a “perfectionist” and think that that’s a good thing!

It’s for you if you compare your colour work to others all the time in the hope that one day you’ll stop doing this.

It’s made for you if you want to know how to get over that niggling feeling of self doubt in your craft.

You can’t miss this if you want to understand how to really become the master of your own career success and create long lasting confidence. 

Why listen to me?

Cristina Fazzone, Colour Confidence Educator

I went from being someone who doubted my colour skill and never thought I’d understand hair colour science… to becoming a Master Colour Expert, Colour educator and NTVA Colour Artist finalist. I have 10 years experience in the industry and many feelings of doubt and self sabotage under my belt! I’ve curated a journey that takes colourists from comparing themselves to others and feeling like a ‘perfectionist’ to feeling freedom in their colour work with true inner confidence.
I’ve worked 1-1 with hair colourists to help them break through their personal barriers in the hair colour field and watched them grow and understand their mindset to manifest true confidence in their hair colour knowledge.

Will I be able to catch up?

If you sign up below, you will automatically be sent a replay of the live class to watch for 48 hours after the live class is finished.
There are some opportunities for freebies in the class that you’ll be able to get access to even if you watch on replay.